Sanibel seven homes under $500,000


Many have heard of famed exclusive Sanibel Island located some 30 miles north of Naples. Due to its reputation, beautiful beaches, green philosophy, boating and sailing,  ( 70% of the island is a preserve) fairy tale overall master plan with its protected areas, cycling road, restrictions on condo heights, serene beauty of its beaches and recreational parks that it would be very rare to find quality homes under $500,000.

Sanibel 7 homes under $500K


  1. Photo of 976 Sand Castle RD, Sanibel, FL 33957 (MLS # 216053106)

Sanibel home under $490,000

Not true. I have found 7 such homes. They do exists and the largest ones are actually over 1500 SF all the way to  2880 sf. That could be surprising for some but the fact is that Sanibel, among all the million plus dollar homes, has also very well built attractive homes under $500,000.


  1. Photo of 744 Donax ST, Sanibel, FL 33957 (MLS # 216071335)
    Sanibel home under $440,000

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